Sunday, November 14, 2004

Some Poetry of Resistance


by Jim Craven

who dream,
of that better world,
must learn:
not only to dream,
but to act;
not only to destroy,
but to build;
not only to hate,
but to love;

love for the oppressed,
even demands,
no mercy for oppressors;
on a long road,
some call it life,
with so many twists and turns,
and ups and downs,
and forks and crossroads,
and no one,
leaves any signposts,
or maps for the grand journey,
some pain, some joy,
more joy than pain,
for those who can love,
and not merely hate,
for those who can build,
and not merely destroy;
in the scheme of things,
we are insignificant,
and yet so significant,
in that we can contemplate,
our insignificance;
We are like the wind,
here for a brief moment,
in the scheme of things,
suddenly gone, leaving a memory,
of what was,
and hope,
for what could be.

Jim Craven
(Written in 1963 before entering U.S. Army)

Tautological Hubris
A Poem by Jim Craven

are Americans,
"Number One", you know,
just ask us;
"Number One" in what?
money, for instance,
and that buys everything else
of "worth".
We are the most, among nations,
in God's Grace;
How do we know?
we're "Number One",
and only those in God's Grace,
would God make "Number One",
that is the evidence, the "proof",
it is all very Calvinist,
and purely tautological.
And only those in God's Grace,
have the "Truth",
that is also the evidence,
the "proof",
that we are in God's grace,
and have the truth,
since only those with the "Truth",
could be in God's Grace,
and vice versa,
it is all very Calvinist,
and purely tautological.
And how can those with the "Truth",
be wrong?
or not act in accordance with the "Truth"?
and that is the evidence,
the "proof",
that we have the "Truth",
and act in accordance with it,
because what we believe,
and what we do,
keeps us in God's Grace,
"therefore", we must have the "Truth",
and must be acting in accordance with it,
it is all very Calvinist,
and purely tautological.
And since those who have the "Truth",
and act in accordance with it,
are the Good and the Blessed,
we must be the Good and Blessed,
we have the "Truth",
and act in accordance with it,
which means that those who do not believe as we do,
or act as we act,
must not have the "Truth",
or be acting in accordance with it,
they must not be in God's Grace,
they must be Evil and the Damned;
it is all very Calvinist,
and purely tautological.

Deadly/ Contrived Syllogisms
A Poem by Jim Craven

"Logic" can be benign,
and yet, so deadly,
it can give the illusion,
of structure,
and yet be an instrument
of brutal anarchy;
"Logic" can help to liberate,
and to heal,
and it can be used to repress and enslave,
and to spread sicknesses;
"Logic" can wear many masks,
or be used to strip the masks away;
If--but only if:
And if--but only if:
"Ergo" , and then:
A= ?
It is all so simple,
and yet not so,
and then?
U.S. = Capitalism?
Capitalism = "Freedom"?
"Ergo", and then?
U.S. = ?
Religion X, and ONLY Religion X, is in accordance with / = "Holy Book" Y?
"Holy Book" Y, and ONLY "Holy Book" Y, is in accordance with / = The TrueWorld of "God"?
"Ergo", and then?
Religion X = ?
"Human Nature" = Greed ?
"Greed" = Capitalism ?
"Ergo", and then?
"Human Nature" = ?
U.S. Foreign Policy = Globalization of "Human Rights"?
Globalization of "Human Rights" = Only hope of Humanity?
"Ergo", and then?
U.S. Foreign Policy = ?
Nation X = "Socialism"?
"Socialism" = Barbarism?
"Ergo", and then?
Nation X = ?
can be so seductive,
or penetrating and frightening,
so necessary to enlighten,
so able to bring darkness,
so able to create,
so able to destroy,
like a hammer,
it can be used to build a house,
or to smash a skull,
and build a tomb.

The Labor of Sisyphus

by Jim Craven

From the genocidal Puritans,
and all the misery--and wealth--their genocide brought,
to the occultist Masonics and Illuminati,
and the "Founding Families" of the Republic
--slaveholders, oligarchs, elitists and predators all--
to the opium trade of the 1800s,
and all the misery--and wealth--that it brought,
to the "Indian Wars",
"redskins", decapitated dead, stolen skulls,
"research" for a twisted "skull science",
and "proof" of preordination to supremacy and rule,
to plunder and "extraterritoriality",
throughout the continents,
and all the misery--and wealth--that brought,
to the financing, of all sides,
of the "Great" War,
and all the misery--and wealth--that brought,
to the looting and desecration of the tomb,
of a great Warrior,
as if, posessing his skull and other remains,
could give them his great spirit and power,
or even his stature,
to the vicious Thule society,
and the financing of its offspring,
the evil one, Hitler,
early on, when "IT", and ITs kind, could have been stopped,
to the eugenics movement,
the sterilizations of many innocents,
lacking the "right breeding", they said,
as if these preppy in-breds,
were anything to write home about,
to the plot to overthrow FDR,
to set up a system, like that of the evil one,
the fascist cancer, they continued to finance,
and profit nicely from,
to the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
in no way "military necessity"
--not the final shots of a global war--
but rather,
the opening shots of a new war,
and the opening of a deadly "Pandora's Box",
that continues to threaten human survival,
to the use of the poor and downtrodden,
as subjects of "medical "experimentation,
to provide "proof" of their "superiority",
and preordination to rule,
to the hiding of nazi criminals,
justly wanted for only a portion of their crimes,
to hide their own complicity,
and their own crimes,
to the creation of many fronts,
wearing many masks,
in business, media and government,
hiding intentions and capabilities
as ugly and deadly as those,
behind the masks,
to the "New Order",
as ominous-sounding,
and with the same intentions,
as when the nazis used the term,
to the present,
the illusion of "choice",
from a rigged menu,
heads we win, tales you lose,
cover the thesis,
manage the inevitable--the antithesis--
thus engineering,
a synthesis,
to become the new order,
of the "chosen" and preordained, ,
always in their interests,
and of their choosing,
until their masks are ripped away,
and they face their real destiny,
that for which they were really preordained,
judgment in a higher court,
even they cannot contrive and control,
with their own illusions and intentions,
as dead as the skulls and bones,
and their quest for immortality,
through their "Tomb",
their money and power,
cannot buy eternal life,
they labor,
like the labor of Sisyphus.